Try it Yourself

What makes songwriting so alluring? We believe the answer is the connection between the listener and the songwriter. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the songwriter. Your style, your ideas, your creativity. Go on – Try, write and share now!

Did I mention we will come to you?

 If you are planning an event or organization. LET US BRING THE PARTY TO YOU!  We have great group deals. Click the link below for pricing and group packaging.

What Customers Are Saying

"The instructor for the evening was so SO cool. His instructions were both easy to follow and very encouraging at times when I needed assistance. I have always hesitated with writing but he really pushed me out of my comfort zone to try new techniques, resulting in a fabulous song."
Sandra Neely
Tattoo Artist
"What a wonderful event! I have been to Sip and Art Nite events but I have never had the opportunity to write my own song with the amazing guidance of an expert (Mel - You are amazing!)...I think Twisted Treble is the first one to offer such a fun service.I look forward to coming back so I can write another song and I hope Mel would be my instructor again."
Paras Shah
"Totally not a fan of these events, but my girlfriend suggested it. However, this is the exception. The pre outline of our song was key. We picked of our genre and then were instructed to create. The next 2 hours were a blast! We talked to so many cool folks and had so much fun finishing our song. Everyone's final track sound so good. I kinda want to go again."
Dan Myers
"I have a scrapbook of songs and poems I wrote in high school. I would love to come back for one more song! What an awesome experience overall! Mel is a super cool dude."
Pam kerrigan
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