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Urban Pop Vol. 1 is a class that aims to give you the most modern sounds for any dance track. With five tracks ranging from Pop to R&B, this class was produced to bring you only the best synth leads, piano melodies, bass lines, and pulsing drums that make a Pop/R&B production great.

Fire & Ice is a series of ambient & cinematic chill-out loops, atmospheres, and rhythm beds . The Loop section includes Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion and Soundscape ambiance.  Quickly create the perfect atmospheric musical bed, rhythm track, or ambient masterpiece with these beautifully crafted loops and sounds.


If you love Gospel music, this class will give you everything you need for a hand clapping, foot stomping, awesome time. Praise includes instrumental loops that are characteristic of contemporary gospel music. A generous offering of instruments including bass, guitar, drums, piano, organ, Rhodes, synths, strings, horns, and percussion completes this collection that define this everlasting genre.


‘We Jammin’ is a collection of musical elements found throughout the Caribbean region. The goal was to capture the embodiment of nearly every musical style found in that region. ‘We Jammin’ offers a large array of Caribbean sounds and styles that you can hear in the clubs like Dancehall, Reggae, Reggaeton, and Calypso.


If you need feel-good party music, and you need it now, Indie Pop delivers in an instant. Craft the perfect drum mix for your song and you have everything you need for your next dance hit. With infectious bass grooves, modern sounds, and just the right amount of disco vibe, Indie Pop will get everyone dancing.


Just Dance  captures the current sound of chart-topping hits by bringing a ton of dark and melodic vibes to the table with a style that leaves perfect space for vocals to compliment the track. In this class you will utilize multiple kits giving you total flexibility over the pitch, BPM, character, and attitude of the dance floor anthem.


If you love Country music this class is for you. Route 66 rolls out an audio depiction of America’s back roads and two lane Interstates. Route 66 is a tribute to America’s musical roots with the Pop-Country-Rock and Alt-Country sounds.This spirit of America’s wide open spaces is celebrated through this class.


This is as smooth as R&B can get. Urban Soul Vol. 1 emulates the extravagance of your song with its lavish sound defining an era of smooth, silky, soul music. In addition, there are extra guitar licks, modern drumloops and electric piano riffs to add even more sounds to your palette. This class is the definitive of smooth soul and R&B.


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